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Organisation og ledelse

15/4 2014 | CBS Press
This book aims to scrutinize the quality of organization concepts, such as the learning organization, self-managing teams-50, organizational culture and climate, customer-friendly organizations, old...
Narratives from Male-dominated Environments
15/4 2014 | CBS Press
With a play on words sometimes used by feminists in the past, it could have been entitled His/story and Her/story, in order to convey from the outset a banal, but sometimes overlooked, fact: the...
15/4 2014 | CBS Press
This book assembles some of the bits that break off in the process of this collision. It plays with the already contested boundaries 'correct images' and 'correct narratives' of a legitimate...
Narratives of Gender and Ethnicity
15/4 2014 | CBS Press
This book contributes to studies of entrepreneurship, where usually an archetypical entrepreneur is constructed, being white, male and non-Muslim, and literature on female entrepreneurship and...
15/4 2014 | CBS Press
The book develops a new critique of Managerialism and its global god-father, Neo-Liberalism, still dominant ideologies in management today. It complements theoretical critique with stories and voices...
14/4 2014 | CBS Press
Speed of production, of information flow, of capital moving through deregulated financial and trading systems is apparently ubiquitous, as indeed is its seemingly inexorable increase in the...
14/4 2014 | CBS Press
As the contributions in this volume suggest, networks develop somewhat fragile identities that emerge through shared practices and language games. From this perspective networks are an outcome of...
13/1 2014 | CBS Press
Tacit knowledge is one of any firm s most important, yet least understood resources. Variously regarded as a source of wisdom, a store of creative power and facilitator of competitive advantage,...
A Guide for Global Management
13/1 2014 | CBS Press
The theme of this new edition is CHANGE. First of all, cultures change: Business behavior in markets around the world is constantly evolving, impelled by generational shifts, improvements in...
6/1 2014 | CBS Press
Bogen fokuserer på fremskridt og potentialer i udforskningen af forholdet mellem projektledelse og moderne organisationer. Eksemplerne i bogen illustrerer bredden i den aktuelle forskning....

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