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- exploring generative moments in doing qualitative research
15/4 2014 | CBS Press
What makes qualitative research really worth doing? When do people feel most alive and energized in their research? Research Alive offers insight into the doing of qualitative research by focusing...
14/4 2014 | CBS Press
Niklas Luhmann (1927-1998) was one of the most innovative social scientists of our time. He suggested a completely new way of thinking about the social, which has been discussed in many different...
How Ideas, Objects and Practices Travel in the Global Economy
7/2 2014 | CBS Press
While this book can be seen as joining the discussion on globalization and its paradoxical character, it is unique in its rich collection of cases and its frame of reference consisting of a...
And Other Techniques for Doing Fieldwork in Modern Societies
30/10 2007 | CBS Press
Its starting point is that present times require different metaphors than static cultures , organizations or even societies . It is time to start constructing a mobile ethnology, that is...