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Human-Machine Interaction in Translation
6/9 2011 | Samfundslitteratur
This special issue of Copenhagen Studies in Language is devoted to human and machine translation and human-computer interaction in translation, which were the two main foci of the 8th International...
Methods, Models & Results in Translation Process Research
1/6 2009 | Samfundslitteratur
Copenhagen Studies in Language includes studies of language for general purposes and also language for specific purposes (LSP). It covers grammar, semantics, pragmatics, text linguistics and...
15/12 2008 | Samfundslitteratur
This volume contains ten papers describing various reading and translation experiments using eye-tracking techniques (sometimes combined with other process tools such as keystroke and pause logging...
A tribute to Miriam Shlesinger on her sixtieth birthday. Edited by Franz Pöchhacker, Arnt Lykke Jakobsen and Inger M. Mees, it brings together 15 papers centred round interpreting research while...