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Peer Reviews

Copenhagen Business School Press (CBS Press) is a typical university press publisher. Our mission is to publish books of a high scientific standard for academic audiences. CBS Press has recently changed legal status from being an autonomous publishing house to become part of Samfundslitteratur (a Danish social sciences publisher). This merger is, however, contingent upon the condition that publications under the CBS Press brand should meet high academic standards, as determined by the judgement of Copenhagen Business School.

1.   All manuscripts that aim to be published under the Copenhagen Business School Press brand, must be presented to the chief peer reviewer before being accepted for publication, irrespective of whether they are channeled through CBS, Samfundslitteratur or presented directly to the chief peer reviewer.

2.   The chief peer reviewer screens the manuscript. He has the discretion to decline the manuscript or decide to subject the manuscript to the peer review process. He might, in borderline cases, decide to give advice on manuscript improvements and suggest resubmission for potential peer review.

3.   The peer reviewer appointed by the chief peer reviewer must be a person with high academic standing in the subject matter of the manuscript, and must have sufficient personal and professional distance from the author(s).

4.   The peer reviewer(s) will be asked to submit a written review of the manuscript to the chief peer reviewer following a paradigm.

5.   Added to the review paradigm the chief peer reviewer might add a few manuscript specific comments.


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