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8/8 2006 | CBS Press
The structure is a flow from inbound to reverse logistics with emphasis on logistics development as well as transportation and information systems. The aim of the book is strategic, both external and...
The Theory and Practice of Place Branding
1/6 2006 | CBS Press
Many new studies have emerged since the first edition was published, and they are integrated in the new edition. The second edition is still aimed at three audiences: students of international...
30/5 2006 | CBS Press
The multinational corporation is exposed to many diverse risks and exogenous influences beyond managerial control but also attain new strategic opportunities. The exposures range from price...
A Case Approach
1/5 2006 | CBS Press
Offshoring and offshore outsourcing are hardly new phenomena. What is new is that information technology creates new opportunities for geographically dispersed business activities and enables the...
New Partnership Perspectives
Esben Rahbek Pedersen og Mahad Huniche (red.)
1/5 2006 | CBS Press
The concept of corporate citizenship is becoming increasingly popular in business and academia - scholars and practitioners sing its praise in speeches, annual reports and journal articles and more...
Erik Hansen
2/2 2005 | Samfundslitteratur
20/10 2004 | Samfundslitteratur
- model III
7/9 2004 | Samfundslitteratur
Fra jobtager til jobmager - model III, erhvervsinnovation handler om realisering af menneskelige potentialer. Forfatternes målsætning med bogen er at gøre den enkelte i stand til - i et tværfagligt...
Morten Boeck
2/9 2004 | Samfundslitteratur
As it becomes increasingly customary for advertisers to analyze how consumers and customers are affected by advertising, it becomes correspondingly important to assess and understand how advertising...
Lessons from Theory and Agriculture
Peter Bogetoft og Henrik Ballebye Olesen
1/6 2004 | CBS Press
In this book, the authors allow theory and practice to interact. They develop a holistic theoretical framework for contract analysis based on coordination theory, transaction cost theory and...

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